The Jewfro Hairstyle for those cool Curly Men

Curly hairs for men are now common and trendy. One example of fashionable curly style is the Jewfro. Jewfro hairstyle is a cool hairstyle which originated from Jewish decent. Their curly hairs are large and thickly coiled unlike the Afro’s natural hair which is kinky and a bit tightly coiled. In the book entitled “The Curly Hair Book” written by Rogelio Samson, he differentiated Jewfro hairs from Afro hairstyles. He described Jewfro being “wavy curly” and Afro hairstyle as “kinky curly”. He also noted the proper method of how to takegood care of those curly hairs. For this coming year, 2017, this hairstyle is going to be in.